Robert E. Lee

Jeb Stuart

Patrick Cleburne

John Hood

Stonewall Jackson
Stonewall Jackson

Jsph. Johnston
Joseph Johnston

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"A chicken could not live on that field when we open on it."  Said  Col. E. Porter Alexander to his C O Gen. Longstreet.  The left flank of Robert E. Lee's  Army
used  Marye's Heights and the 1,200 foot long Richmond road at the Heights base for a strong  defensive position.  It did not hurt that there was a stone retaining  wall along the road.



View from the Heights
The road at the base of the Heights,
which makes it sunken.



View of lane in May 14, 1991
Pictured lane as seen by an artist.



Close up of the house on the sunken lane. 
Note the bullet holes.
View of the sunken lane from the Union troops' viewpoint; though I am closer than they got.



The Union troops were helped by the
Angel Of Fredericksburg.

The right flank of Lee's army held the
area south of the town of Fredericksburg.



The southern trench line is slowly disappearing but the field is still almost as clear of trees as it was then.
"Jeb" Stuart's horse artillery commander, Pelham, moved his guns to the right of this spot and fired down the flank of the attacking Union troops.

Seven divisions in fourteen charges failed to break the Rebel lines.
Union losses were around 7,000; the Confederates lost around 1,200 men.

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