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Letter  Home



the wagons left my box at Richmond with Evry
thing that I had except my clase but I will get t
them if I shal live to get back their I want
you to write me as soon as this comes to hand
write how the corn looks & tell Your
Father to look at itwrite how mutch it will
make to the acre & write whethor if you have had
any Rain since you wrote me last it is very
painful to me to be seperated from you
you & those dear little babs their is no one but
m,yself & god noes how painful it is to me
to be deprived of the privalige of being with
you x them but I hope that god will preserve
our lives til we shal meat again but if its
my lot to fall a victim to death before I shal
return to you I want you to seake to lord
& try to live a christain x try to teach those dear
little babs to live for god xnot for the Evil one
x their is one Request that I shal make of yu
& that is if I should fall I dont want you
to Every Bring anyone over my children

August 18th, 1862

                           Camp green near gorden ville
                            Dear wife  these few
lines lines leave me in good health at present and hope
ing on Receipt of the same  That you & the children
may be found enjoying the same blessings
from god I have not recd but one letter from
you since we arrived heer I have ben looking
for aletter but we hav not had any mail i
6 or 5 days we was orderd hear to gordenvills
last wednesday & we are under orders to march
but we dont no wher (3 word struck out) it wood offor
me grate pleasure to see you &those dear little
babs but god only nose when I shal hav that
pleasure if ever but I hope that  god  will spear
our lives til we shal meat again I want
you to trust in him for our presevation
bouth of sole & boddy I want you to
 prey mitily to for me for we are expect
ing a battle hear soon but it may not come off
god only noss what will come we have been
movving evry sice we have ben hear

I saw Eliaser Brock since I came to
Richmond be said that Morro. Winser &Marked out
haralson was well & the rest of the Brack boys
was well & Elzah Shaw was not very well
but he is able to be up & About  (unreadable)orderd
to Marchat 8 Oclock to night but I don't no wher
So nothing more at presant only I remain your
affectionate companion until death
                                        S.E. Fields

P.Sdirect your letter to Richmond as we
dont no wher we will be write soon
as you & their are as dear to me as my own life
& I want you to try to Rase them up in obedean
ce to you & god & send them to chool as mutch
as you are able & try & manage the best you canwith
what you have  on hand collect all of  ( Unreadable)that
is due you I will write Again as soon I fined out what
we are going to do if I am not killed in A fite
& I am I hope god will tak charge of my  &
deeliver up to heaven I hope that we will meat
in heave if we don't on Earth I hope that he
will be A father & A prtecter is your unknown-this
life & in the world to come tell  mother that I was
hear to pray for me give my love to hear & to your
 father & famly tell them that it wood offars
me grate pleasure to see them al once more
 & give my love to ges Bronett & famly write whette
 ges has gon back to his company or not we
 have had some of the coldest wether that I Ever
felt at this season I hav lay cold withus
 hevey blanket dobbled over me & my coat
over me allow

This letter was written by my great great grandfather less then 30 days before he was killed at the Battle of South Mountain in Maryland, in September, 1862.  He was in Company O of Phillip's Georgia Legion. He would have fought the Second Battle of Bull Run (Manassas) just before the battle of South Mountain.

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