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John Hood

Stonewall Jackson
Stonewall Jackson

Jsph. Johnston
Joseph Johnston

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Lexington, Virginia, home of Virginia Military Institute (turn right at the intersection) and Washington/Lee University (turn to the left) and the resting place of both Lee and Jackson.


Campus of Washington University, where Robert E. Lee became president after the war.  When Lee died, Washington University became  Washington/Lee University.



When Lee died, he was laid to rest in the lower floor of this chapel. (The right end of
the building.)

Never far from his faithful mount in life, Traveler was buried  just outside the chapel back door.


The ruins of Windsor - named after the sound wind makes blowing through the capitals.   Destroyed by fire in 1890, but gives you an idea  of what the South looked like in 1865.


The remains of Capt. Ike Turner lay in state at the courthouse in Livingston, Texas.  He died in 1864, asking to be brought back to Texas because his mother would worry so.  He was buried in a family plot in Georgia.  Note the state flags of both Texas and Georgia. Turner was given a true 1860's burial, with mule drawn wagon.  All were welcome to come.


How Texas honors its 1860's Heros.
Capitol lawn, Austin, Texas.
There are two more markers on the grounds for Confederates:
one for Terry's Texas Rangers,
(8Th Texas Vol. Cav.), and the other
for Hood's Texas Brigade.

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