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What is it like to go to a re-enactment?  You should leave early enough to visit some of the more intresting places along the way, such as Washington on the Brazos, brith place of the Republic of Texas.

Another stop on the way was the Battlefield at Mansfield where the Confederates sent Gen.
Bank's Union Forces back down the Red River. 



By doing this you have already begun to relax some
as you pay your fee and set up camp.  Since most of
the people I re-enacted were not there, my group
had to find a unit to fall in with. 

Captain Gary Stephen and the 12th La. Vol. Inf. welcomed us.  Many a fine fellow has fought under
the blue flag of the nesting sea bird, and was our privilage to do so ourselves.



After setting up camp, (many don't even use a tent or cover, same as the real troops) sutlers' row was our 1st place to go.  The latest in new-fangled products from the East would be for sale, for more than trooper pay.

We would meet old comrades in arms, such as Joe Walker from Waco, of the 7th Texas Vol. Inf.  Joe has a "Get"Box to strum  or a banjo to pluck at most events.  He has been doing this since Sears met Robuck.



On Sat. Morning the parade, ladies tea, and other events took place, while the officers met to discuss the event and what was supposed to happen. 

There are pyrotecs or exploisives at this event.  Before anyone is allowed to take part, the "Hamburger Man" explains where the dynomite, C-4, and Atom bombs are placed.  You get too close and you're "HAMBURGER."



The event starts and we shoot yankees and they
shoot back and we shoot each other for about
45 minutes to an hour.  Which isn't really what
happened, but that is what we do.

Then it is back to camp for the evening meal.  At some events they'll give you something to eat, or give you some sort of food to cook.  Here, chicken is roasting on an open fire,  jack frost is nowhere to be seen.  Tiny tots, aren't allowed near the fire and all the guns need to be cleaned. (Sing to the tune of the Christmas Song.)



Grab Yo'r partner and doe  C doe, we goin'ah do the hoe down, as usual Sat. night funs.

And this is how it is done.  But beware of dancing, you might meet a sweetheart and then your wife comes along and its all over but the explaining. Like..............................


"She's only 5 years old!"  Yes, dear, I'll pay more attention to you.  No, dear, I will not flirt any more,
and it will not happen again.  Sorry, Mary, Betty,
Susan, or what ever your name was, it was just a fling.  Ah, the life of a sholdier.

There is a non-denominational worship service on Sunday morning with an officers call and a quiet time to relax.  Followed by falling in and doing the last battle.  For this one we practiced stacking arms every 5 seconds or so, until we were marched and counter-martched at least three time.  Then we went over the fields and through the woods to grandma's house, which brung us back to stacking arms.  Not to mention shooting Yankees!!!

Once again, I slept on the cold hard ground, took orders from people I would not take orders from in real life, ate cold food, slept cold, marched hot, drank water from the swamp, didn't shave, brush, or comb.  Sweated, screamed, walked in shoes my feet were not used to and drove home dressed like that, for over 6 hours.  And when I got home told my 
wife, "I had a ball"  It was more fun this time than the last,and I want to go back (if the good Lord willing) next year."  Want to Join?  Sign Up Today.  Don't be the last on the block to come out  for the hobby of re-enacting.  Just one thin dime, one tenth of a dallor, hurry, hurry, hurry...Get your ticket now!!!!!!!

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