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Wilson's Creek




One of the lesser known batles of the war, but it is very important to the outcomeof the war.
Farmer Ray's House
It was a very confused fight between people from the western states.
(the Trans-Mississippi)



From his front porch on the distant hill, Farmer Ray watched as Yanks and Rebs shot each other in his field.  The south won..
The victorious rebel forces then moved to support the attack on the Union forces,
on what would become "Bloody Hill."


The "Bloody Hill" as it looks today (1991) grown over with brush and grasses that were not there on the day of the battle.

The South lost this battle and lost control over south Missouri. The South lost a state that could have added many more men into their ranks.  Side note: Sam Clements, (Mark Twain) deserted the Confederate Army and headed west before this battle. 

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