Robert E. Lee

Jeb Stuart

Patrick Cleburne

John Hood

Stonewall Jackson
Stonewall Jackson

Jsph. Johnston
Joseph Johnston

flags Rebel Yell flags






These first 3 photos are from the 125th anniversary of the Battle of Palmito Ranch, held at Bee Caves, Texas, 1990.


Battle of Mansfield, La. redo in 1996(?).  Morning roll call.  Boys  are here but are they ready for the yankees?


Greg Hector with is 1860's boom box.  Living History at Waco, Texas 1991.



Camp Ben McCulloch on the 101st camp reunion.  Troopers of Terry's Texas
Rangers advance on the Federals

For 107 years Confederate Vets or their families have been camping out every June.  Some at the same camp site as their orginial Confederate ancestor!



4-23-95 National Confederate
Memorial Day, Austin, Tx
Parade in Austin, Texas for Texas' Confederate Memorials refurbished on Capital Lawn. 1997

Parade to Capital  grounds down Congress  Street. 1997 
Ian Straus and Bert Hile  (left photo) and Vic Bowling (right photo).

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